Ctrust security is a multi service security firm providing you with close protection agents and body guards that are highly disciplined and capable. We pride ourselves on the rigorous selection processes our personnel have to go through, and the training we provide them with to be able to use world class and state of the art equipment


Dubai is a global business hub with top-tier infrastructure and a diverse culture. This attracts world-class talent and high-profile individuals, leading to increased demand for security.
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Khaled Abou El Ela

Khaled is a highly experienced and capable ex police officer who previously worked as a government field agent. Throughout his career, he played a pivotal role in various covert and undercover missions, including investigations and counter-terrorism operations. 

Over the past decade, Khaled has worked with the national close protection department, serving many high-profile individuals, diplomats, and threatened individuals, and rising to the rank of Major within the Presidential protection team.

Khaled's exceptional skills and expertise have enabled him to take part in classified missions across the world. He joined the elite close protection training program, located in Mediterranean countries, where he received specialized training in expert intelligence, martial arts, explosives expertise, stealth protection and protection against assassination plots. 

Khaled exhibits an absolute trust of his own instincts and skills, which were complemented by his strong personality and unwavering commitment to his duties.
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